Friday, July 01, 2005


On March 1, 2005, Cojocaru et. al proposed a novel way of anodizing alumina membranes. Their idea was to grow pores parallel to the surface of the aluminum metal rather than the standard vertical growth of pores. By lining the cathode perpendicular to the aluminum thin film, the desired direction of pore growth was achieved. Their results were strikingly similar to the norm: A uniform, organized arrangement of pores.
Using their findings, we decided to attempt the same procedure in our laboratory. Our intentions, however, are not to exclusively grow pores laterally. But, rather, try to successfully grow pores in both directions on the same sample. Such a structure, with both lateral and longitudinal pores, would provide a potentially very effective nanostructure. Of course, we must first be able to successfully grow lateral pores. This, in itself, is quite an obstacle since the procedure has only yet been introduced. Then, we must be able to deposit metal inside the pores, another roadblock to be weary of.


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